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Cafe gal

December 2011

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Cafe gal

She stood silent and watched...

 She stood silent and watched, but that was a joke, inside there wasn't a moments peace as thousands of thoughts swirled dizzily, her throat catching as she tried to choke back tears. Her heart shattered into millions of shards, crashing and thrashing so loudly she feared her mind would burst. Her eyes took in the images, blurring and reddening and fading out but it was done. His actions would alter her perceptions forever, but for now it was nothing but him, him and 'her'.
The world around her started spinning and before she realized exactly what she was doing, she was out on the streets, running. Just running as far from him as she could, her throat tearing with the screams of despair that frightened her. She never knew she could feel so much, could hurt so terribly. Young and naive, isolated from everyone and the one person she trusted, threw it in her face to watch, over and over again in her inner eye. She suddenly stopped, the rain starting to fall as she closed her eyes and faced the heavens to feel the cold touch her hot skin. Her body felt light, hollow even, as if the wind could just pick her up and carry her away.  


You know, this kind of makes me think of you when you were in Alaska. When you were having all those issues with Ryan, and it makes me wonder if this is how you felt. It just seems to mirror that is all.